Operating the Remote

Most of the buttons and controls on the TouchSquid App will be familiar, but there are a few which you may not have encountered before. These are labeled above.

Mode Bar

The mode bar is where you select the current activity. The icons displayed will vary with the profile chosen. In this case we have Watch TV, Play DVD, Play Music, Play Music, and Watch Bluray.

Power On

Choosing an Activity on powers for all devices used in that activity, and changes the inputs as appropriate.

Power Off

Turns of power for all your devices.


Mutes the sound on the audio device.  Touch again to restore sound.


The "Squid Eye" is where you touch when something is not right. It gives you access to a troubleshooting screen to correct issues like one device failed to power on, or the TV has no picture.

Exit Screen Menu

When you touch Guide or Menu most cable/sat boxes will bring up an on screen menu for channel choices. This button makes the menu disappear.

Number Pad

We noticed that although it is seldom used, most remotes waste a lot of space with a full keyboard. We decided to hide it. If you want to enter a channel number manually, touch here. The little toggle button switches between immediate sending(Keys with alpanumeric labels) and timed sending. E is the Entre key.

Volume Up/Down

Regardless of mode, these arrows will control the sound volume on the device specified in the activity. A long press will go up or down a number of steps. The exact number varies with the device.

Hardware Volume buttons

Most tablets and phones have hardware volume buttons. The TS app captures these buttons and they duplicate the function of the on screen buttons. They can be held down for continuous volume changes.

Channel Up/Down

In Watch TV mode this will change channels in increments of one.  Long press to go several channels at a time.

In Play DVD mode it will change chapters.

Play Bar

This toolbar will disappear if not needed, or will change to be appropriate for the activity.

Note: On some devices, some buttons might not be active if the device lacks that function. This is a limitation of the device being controlled, not the app.