Grandma Inspiration for Home Theater Room

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Grandmas all around the world would be envious of the home theater room that Randy Brown, a grandson did for his grandmother.  From an article in Electronic House, here is a story of how he converted a second floor 12 x 14 ft bedroom into a theater style room with a $28,000 budget.

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(Photo courtesy of Michael Laurenziano)

The price may seem hefty, but this include gutting the room, carpentry, framing, carpetting, painting and the purchase of equipment.

Main Features for this Home Theater Room
1.  Full size theater style reclining chairs complete with drink holders.  The chairs are plump with padding. Bring your drink and popcorn and enjoy the show.

2.  Aura Bass Shakers installed under the reclining chairs brings sound to life.  Every explosion, gunshot, engine rev can be experienced physically as the bass shakers translate the sounds into vibrations.  With three front speakers, the sounds and the vibrations gives grandma an unforgettable experience. Yes, shake the floor, and shake the chair.  Hey, this is just like bringing the theater to grandma.

3.  Custom Star Mural ceiling complete with black lights installed on the ceiling soffits.

4.  Remote control system to integrate all the home theater devices including control of the lighting system.

As the world is divided into Android and Apple, Samsung fans can use the Touchsquid remote control app on their smartphones or tablets to remotely control the home theater devices and lighting systems.  Just program the device so that all grandma has to do is press a button and turn on and off all devices connected with one activity.  Using the Samsung built-in IR blaster, there is no need for using an external IR blaster.

In many cases, deluxe home theater rooms have devices hidden behind the walls or cabinets.  In such case, Touchsquid universal remote app supports a number of external IR blasters including the Global Cache, Keene or IRTrans.



Verizon IR remote control codes

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IR remote control codes for Verizon set top box

Touchsquid database library of IR remote control codes are listed according to the manufacturers’ brands.  Sometimes it can be confusing for some consumers when setting up their home theater devices.  The first brand that comes in mind is usually the service provider.  So, we’ve had this phone support call asking why Verizon set top box is not on our database library.

Verizon is a service provider and uses different manufacturers for their cable and satellite boxes.   In general cable and satellite boxes are listed by the manufacturer of the box not the service provider. Depending on your country, there are different service providers.  Verizon, AT &T  and Cox are examples of cable service providers in the USA.

Motorola, Humax, Cisco and Pace are examples of manufacturers of cable and satellite boxes.  There is usually a label on the back of the box with this information.

To find out whether your devices infrared remote codes are in our database library, simply follow this link