Lost your Roomba remote control?

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Ah.. the convenience of modern life.  First, vaccuming the floor is such tedious repetitive work, especially when it comes to picking up dog or cat’s hair, or even your own hair, or your daughter’s hair……. Thanks to the ever ready IRobot Roomba, who can tirelessly vaccuum your floor without any complaint.  You do not even have to get off your chair. Using the remote control hardware that came with your roomba, you can send commands to your little robot and tell it what to to do, where to go, how often…..

Irobot roomba remote control android app

Roomba 780 features Dirt Detect™ Series 2 technology which helps the robot perform concentrated cleaning in the dirtiest areas. Roomba 780’s touchpad eliminates buttons and gives you control of the robot at the touch of your fingertips. Room-to-room cleaning tells Roomba to clean one room before moving on to the next. The Full Bin Indicator lets you know when the dust bin is full and needs to be emptied.

Should you ever lost your little remote, you do not need to rush to the store to buy a $29 replacement, Touchsquid GR has recently added IR remote codes for the IRobot Roomba 780. No need to do the vaccuming and no need to even get off your chair……