Beware of the White Van Speakers Scam


discount speakers white van scam
We have recently received requests from our customers for IR remote control codes for loudspeakers that they described to us as obtained from white van speakers scam. They felt they’ve been scammed for paying overinflated prices for inferior products and want us to spread the news. It appears that the White Van Speakers Scam is a well-known sales tactic employed throughout the world, and if you google the words, you will find many reports. So here is how the audio equipment scam works.

Features of the White Van Speakers Scam:
1. THE VEHICLE. A white van, an SUV, minivan, or commercial vehicle displaying a company logo with 2 or 3 well-dressed uniformed individuals. The vans typically are parked in apartment complexes, colleges, parking lots of renovations or electronics malls. Home Depot, Best Buy…

2. THE STORY. If you are driving a nice car, look affluent, you will be approached by these individuals. They will proceed to tell you a story of how they are employees of an audio retailer or installer and are in possession of some excess inventory speakers as a result of a warehouse error, computer glitsch, or wrong inventory order, and must desperately be rid of these surpluses in a hurry at rock bottom prices.

3. THE DEAL. They will present you with well polished glossy brochures, magazine ads, website, testimonials with highly inflated MSRP retail prices intended to convince you the high retail value of their goods.

4. HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTICS. They will lead you to believe that you would be a fool to pass up such deals at heavily discounted prices, and if you were a good son, or brother, or friend, you would buy more to give away as presents or simply to pass the deal on.

5. GUILT ON CONCLUSION OF SALES.  Even when the sale is made, they will make you feel guilty for having snatched a good deal, and hint that you may want to give them a tip for doing you a favor.

Here is a list of the brands that belong to the White Van Speakers Scam. Today, they now appear on Craigslist, so beware.

Incidentally, the two white van speakers for which we have added the IR remote codes into our database are the Kirsch speakers and the Theater Logic Speakers.