Touchsquid GR Update or Trial

Touchsquid GR.   Universal Remote Control Done Right.

GR stands for Great Remote!  A free 10 day trial version for Touchsquid GR universal remote app is now available at the Google Play Store. Existing Touchsquid users can simply download the new version from Google Play for free.  The app automatically detects your existing installation and issues you a new license.  There is no need to uninstall the old version, it can co-exist with the new GR version.

Touchsquid’s programming team has been busy the last few months working on a major rewrite of Touchsquid  to incorporate the wish lists of our loyal fans.  As more sophisticated home theater devices enter the market, there is the need to maximize the capabilities of the controller and the controllee. It took months of hard work and plenty of testing, but the beta version is finally here!

We continue to add new code sets every day to support our clients from all around the world.  The Touchsquid remote app is available for purchase in over 140 countries, and we are proud to say that we GR supports over 40 languages, and has the largest and most comprehensive database library of infrared codes.

Main Features of TOUCHSQUID GR

  • pop up buttons.  Grouping buttons by functions let us fit more buttons on the screen.
  • streamlined activity set-up.
  • In app context sensitive help.
  • Quick access to FAQ via the HELP button.
  • SquidSYNC of a chosen activity.  Allows the use of 2 or more Touchsquid remote apps in the same room with automatic synchronized operation.
  • Switching between room profiles without leaving an activity.
  • List of recently accessed profiles.
  • Controls many devices using Wi-Fi or serial ports.
  • Online database is updated daily with new devices.
  • Support for over 40 languages