Touchsquid Story

Touchsquid. The Software Solution to a Hardware Problem.

It all began with a cellphone call and a desperate mother while I was rockclimbing at a local indoor facility.  Though hanging by my fingertips, I freed a hand and answered.  Mom wanted to watch the Oscars and Dad was out of town.  She pressed the wrong button and could not get an image back up on the screen.  I talked her through, but only added confusion.  That night, she missed the Oscars ceremony.  The solution? Make a Better Remote Control.
The Origin of the Squid.

And that’s how the Touchsquid universal remote control app began.
One button, “WATCH TV”, turns on all the devices, and switches the inputs.  A favorites screen with Channel Icons lets you choose a channel.  To watch the Oscars, touch WATCH TV, FAVORITES, ABC.  That’s all folks.

Done watching?  One OFF button for everything.

Main Features of TOUCHSQUID

  • Activity based remote control Android app.
  • Most complete and comprehensive database library of Infrared devices.
  • One button switch on activity related devices and set inputs
  • Ability to create over 900 favorite buttons
  • Ability to create customizable macros
  • Supports Android IR smartphones and tablets
  • Supports external IR blasters; Global Cache; Keene, IRTrans