Origin of the Squid

Touchsquid remote app was developed as a software solution to a hardware problem.

With the latest and the greatest offerings of home entertainment devices, the problem of controlling your TV, Blu-ray player, DVD, Cable, SAT, PVR, Xbox….. .is as much a brain clutter as that of the coffee table clutter of remote controls.  No one wants to have to use half a dozen remote controls just to watch a show.  Read about the Touchsquid Story.

Naming the Company and the Product.
We needed three things.

  • An available web site domain
  • A memorable, non-generic name
  • A name related in some way to what the app does

A human being has only two hands.  A Squid has many.  We imagined a squid trying to operate a TV with 3 or 4 remotes, the user manual, and a puzzled look.  With the help of  Mark Siermaczeski, a cartoonist from Cruelty Free Cartoons,  Mr. Squid became the mascot for Touchsquid.