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Touchsquid Story.  Our office is a busy hive of activities everyday as we add new features to our app and IR remote codes for new devices being introduced to the marketplace. Touchsquid cannot be where it is today without the support of our hardworking team, whether they are in programming, operations, marketing or accounting.

Grahame Shannon

Grahame Shannon is co-founder, and Squid Master for TouchSquid Technology, a software developer in the home theater remote control industry. The flagship product is an Grahame’s background includes computers, yacht designing and engineering. His programming experience goes back to 1986 with his AutoSHIP PC-based software for naval architects and ship design. He also designed the AviaSail and AviaMotor software which are both advanced virtual instrumentation application for boaters. Both Autoship and Avia software are in active use around the world. An avid sailor and a lover of techie toys,Grahame Shannon continues to dream up new products designs and projects to keep his team busy.

James Shannon

James Shannon is a co-founder and a Squid Trainer for TouchSquid Technology Inc. He has experience in computer programming, hardware/software support, and 3D prototype design/modeling. Prior to co-founding TouchSquid Technology, he ran his own company, a Computer Troubleshooters franchise for North Vancouver where he learned business marketing and operations. After studying computer science and mechanical engineering at UBC, James spent four years at Freedom Medical Robotics where he made significant contributions to their exoskeleton project intended to allow paraplegics to walk..

Sara Martines

Sara is a fourth year software engineering student at the Simon Fraser University (Software Systems is a unique program at SFU that focuses on the advancement of software development and its everyday use in the modern business world). She now works with the TouchSquid programming team as part of her co-op education. Sara has experience working in the Android OS platform, as well as Linux and Windows operating system. Aside from her technical skills as part of the Executive Team of the Software Systems Student Society at SFU. We are very happy to have her on our team.

Claire Dubost

Claire Dubost is the new(est) recruit in the TouchSquid team on an internship program. Claire comes from France where she is currently studying Intercultural Management and Web marketing in Paris. Claire has experience working in the social media network and communication thanks to different internships during her studies. Within the TouchSquid team, she helps coordinate and manage all the social media networks on which the company is active.