Navigating Your Device

Use command keys and the touch screen to navigate.


Home Key

Press the Home Key  to display the Home screen.

Press and hold the Home Key to launch a menu of recent applications, or to launch Task Manager.

Command Keys

Menu Key

Press the Menu Key  to display options for the current screen or feature.


Back Key

Press the Back Key to return to the previous screen, option or step.

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Finger Gestures

Touch -- also called Click

Touch items to select or launch them. For example:

• Touch the on screen keyboard to enter characters or text.

• Touch a menu item to select it.

• Touch an application’s icon to launch the application.


Touch and Hold -- also called Long Click

Activate onscreen items. For example:

• Touch and hold a widget on the home screen to move it.

• Touch and hold on a field to display a pop-up menu of options.


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