Use Email to view and manage all your email accounts in one application. Email requires an internet connection.

Configuring Email Accounts

1. From application screen, touch Email.  

2. Touch Add Account, then choose a provider, or touch Others to set up another account.

3. Enter account credentials, then complete set-up by following the prompts to configure account options and calendars, you can choose whether to synchronize these features with your device.

Note: To configure email account settings at any time, touch the account to display Account Settings.

Composing and Sending Email

1. From a Home screen, touch Email.

2. Touch an account, if you have more than one account set up, then touch New message.

3. Touch the To field to enter recipients. As you enter names or numbers, matching contacts display.  Touch contact to select.

4. Touch Cc/Bcc to enter recipients in the Cc or Bcc fields.

5. Touch the Subject field to enter a subject.

6. Touch the text field to enter the email text.

7. Touch Attach to add an attachment:

Available options vary, depending on the provider. If the account includes synchronization of contacts

contact to add it to the field.


8. While composing a message, press the Menu Key for these options:

·         Save as draft: Save the message in Drafts.

·         Discard: Delete the message without sending.

9. Touch Send to send the message.

·         Location: Attach your current location, or find a location on a 21

Managing Emails

Combined Inbox

You can view emails you receive to all accounts in the All inboxes screen, or you can view email accounts individually

1. From a Home screen, touch Email  .

2. Touch the pop-up menu at the top left of the screen to select:

·         •All inboxes: View all emails in a combined inbox.

·          <Account Name> View emails for the account.


Printing Emails

You can print emails via Wi-Fi on a supported, Wi-Fi-enabled printer.

1.From a Home screen, touch Email .

3. Open an email to view it.

4. While viewing the email, press the Menu Key Print.

5. If you are already connected to Wi-Fi, your device displays available printers. Touch a printer to proceed– or –At the prompt, touch OK, then connect to a Wi-Fi network.

6. After connecting, your device follow the prompts to print the email.

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Account Settings

Use settings to configure handling of email on your device.

Note: Available settings may depend on the email account, and include setting how much email to synchronize, creating signatures for emails you send, and other handling options.


1. From application screen, touch Email .

2. Press the Menu Key Account manager, then touch an account for options:

General settings:

Exchange Sync settings (Exchange accounts only):

–Days to sync Email: Choose how much email you want to see on your device.

–Empty Server Trash: Touch to delete emails from the Trash or Deleted folder on the Email server.

–Sync schedule: Set the schedule for synchronizing email from the server.

–Out-of-office Settings: (not supported).

–Size to retrieve emails: Set a maximum size for retrieving emails.


When enabled, email from your device is automatically sent from this account.

When enabled, your email address is copied on all emails you send.


Notification settings:


Server settings:


Common Settings:

–Forward with files: Enable or disable forwarding of file attachments.