Section 1: Getting Started

Understanding this User Manual

Special Text

The sections of this manual generally follow the features of your device. This manual gives navigation instructions according to the default display settings. If you select other settings, navigation steps may be different. Unless otherwise specified, all instructions in this manual assume that you are starting from a Home screen.


Text Conventions: This manual provides condensed information about how to use your device. To make this possible, the following text conventions are used to represent often-used steps:

Arrows are used to represent the sequence of selecting successive options in longer, or repetitive, procedures.

For example: “From a Home screen, press the Menu Key Settings Wireless and network Wi-Fi settings.”


In this manual, you’ll find text that is set apart from the rest. These are intended to point out important information, share quick methods for activating features, to define terms, and more. The definitions for these methods are as follows:

Note: Instructions in this manual are based on default settings, and may vary from your device, depending on the software version on your device, and any changes to the device’s Settings. Unless stated otherwise, instructions in this User Manual start with the device unlocked, at the Home screen. All screen images in this manual are simulated. Actual displays may vary, depending on the software version of your device and any changes to the device’s Settings.