Home Screen

The Home screen is the starting point for using your device. Yours may look different from this example.

  1. Home screen: The starting point for using your device. Place shortcuts, widgets and other items to customize.

  2. Widgets: Applications that run on the Home screen. These widgets are found on the Home screen by default.
    The Touchsquid Clock above is a widget.

  3. Shortcuts: Shortcuts to common applications. These shortcuts are found on the Home screen by default.

  4. Primary Shortcuts: Shortcuts to common features.  The Browser is an example.

Adding and removing Home screen icons

Your device comes with some Home screen icons. You can customize the Home screen to include additional


Note: Unless stated otherwise, instructions in this User Manual start with the device unlocked, at the Home screen.


Warning! The touch screen responds best to a light touch from the pad of your finger. Using excessive force or a metallic object when pressing on the touch screen may damage the tempered glass surface and void the warranty.

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1. From a Home screen, press the Menu Key +Add

2. Use these controls to configure panels:

Remove: Touch, hold and drag an icon or widget to the Trash Can to remove it from the Home screen.

Add: Touch to add a new icon up to a total of 9. To rearrange the order of panels, touch and drag it to a new location.


There are three panels in the home screen, by default you start in the center one. Slide the panel left or right to access the other two screens.